600 Series







£549.00 stand sold separately

£399.00 stand sold separately


600 Series

Combining audio performance, power and price, the 600 Series blends technology from high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers with engineering solutions unique to the range, to bring the best in audio to everyone.

For the love of music

It doesn’t matter where your music comes from. You might personally prefer classic vinyl, lossless FLAC files or Spotify streams. What really matters is how good the music sounds to you. And in a world of streaming, wireless and cloud-based audio, in a world where music has to compete with everything else happening in your life, it matters more than ever that music sounds brilliant. After all, what else can soothe you to sleep, excite and invigorate you, or clear and calm your head to let you think and feel? Cut through the chatter, sit back and really listen... and you’ll see.


Improves the performance of our reflex ports by minimising turbulence in the same way as a golf ball.


The better the mechanical design of the speaker, the simpler the electronic design of the crossover can be.

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