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NEW : Read the First USA review of a 3D Primus pre-amplifier in Stereophile, written by Art Dudley.

 DNM 3D Preamplifier



Preamplifier Prices


These prices are for the 3D fitted with line output amplifier boards, a headphone amp and three line-level inputs. In this form it will work with CD player, Radio and Tape sources.


Full facilities to accept up to two pairs of moving coil/ moving magnet RIAA boards (for use with turntables) are built into the 3D,

but these amplifier boards are extra cost options.


Two Extra Inputs (line-level) are also available as optional extras as shown in the next section below.




Preamplifier Model


3D Six  £7,858.00

3D Twin  £5,951.00



Optional items for 3D Preamplifiers


NB : To be able to use the 3D pre-amplifier with a turntable at least one stereo pair of RIAA boards will be required.




One stereo pair of RIAA boards - moving coil or moving magnet (for any 3D)  £879.00

Extra Input Board (two extra stereo line inputs)  £164.00

Optional ultra-low noise transformer (EI type, for Twin and Six only)  £605.00

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DNM 3D Six/Twin

DNM 3D Six/Twin indetail

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